Making of weapons - forge welded steel


Raw materials for the smelting: charcoal, softwelded iron, iron ore
smelting; hand bellows joint with smelting furnace
smelted steel 1
smelted steel 2
smelted steel
ready for packet
left a piece of steel right another piece of steel ready for packet

the cleaning of the steel via forging

steel before the welding
the packet from 5 pieces of steel with clag before the welding
steel after the welding
the packet after the welding. There are still many cracks and pieces of slags
the foursection of the packet 1
the foursection of the packet 2
the foursection of the packet
first cycle
The packet before next welding. This proces of cleaning is repeated 4-8× then is the steel clean
Welded steelWelded steel
Welded steel on the edge of pattern - welded sword
sandwich bladesandwich blade
Lines of welding on the sandwich blade
Wood structureWood structure
Wood structure of welded steel on the blade of katana sword
replicas of historical arms