Texts - Some decorative technologies (abstract)

Some decorative metallwork technologies from the view of a craftsman


The article shows four decorative metallwork technologies from the view of a craftsman. There are one blacksmith technique (pattern-welding), and three jewelery technologies (inlaying, filigree- work and cloisonne). The most elaborate from this four technologies is the cloisonne – the decoration of one square centimeter can take more than 50 work-hours. From the view of resistance against damaging it the time of conservation are pattern-welding, inlaying and filigree work relatively resistant, but the problem can be with conservation- restauration of cloisonne-work. The cloisonne inlay, the most from garnets or glass, are very fragile and already since the birth of the object can be under stress. Than very small mechanical impulse can produce a crack of whole inlay.

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BÁRTA Patrick, Některé historické techniky zdobení kovů z pohledu řemeslníka. Brno 2011. Muzea, památky konzervace. ISBN 978-80-210-5628-2

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